The Vidapoint Pendant


The VIDAPOINT pendant has been uniquely designed to provide an unobtrusive, durable and technically advanced ‘Life-Safety’ device. Universally accepted by users due to its lightweight and ergonomic design it can go wherever the user goes. In times of stress or emergency the large simple to use SOS button places a call to a personal attendant in seconds to allow a two-way conversation providing reassurance that help is on the way.


The pendant is a truly advanced, waterproof (IP67), mobile device allowing the user to take it wherever they go.

The list of features is comprehensive:

  • Mobile cellular and WiFi VoIP connection capability to Help Centre.
  • SOS sets up a rapid <10 seconds, two-way voice communication with pendant. Automatic restart if call interrupted.
  • Fall detection, automatic SOS on falling. Fall sensitivity options.
  • Help Centre capability to independently place a voice call to the pendant. Accept call option.
  • Waterproof (IP67), can be used in shower or bathroom where risk is highest.
  • Regular updates of pendant location and increased location data every 30 seconds on SOS call.
  • Tracking data. Configurable ‘Geo fence’ perimeter, enter / exit alarms.
  • Up to 4 configurable spoken time of day medication reminders, with acknowledgement option.
  • All voice messages can be in local language.
  • Battery status voice messages. Help Centre and carer / family notification of battery low status.


Global Wireless Health can help you implement a personal emergency service wherever it is you are located.