The Vidapoint Help Centre Software


The VIDAPOINT Help Centre Software is a low cost and comprehensive cloud based distributed software, specifically designed for rapid response to incoming alarms from mobile devices. Designed to be easy to use with an intuitive layout the software allows for full configuration, monitoring and reporting of end user devices.

Incoming SOS Alarm

Incoming SOS Alarm


Incoming alarms are audible and are presented to all attendants. Alarms are identified by alarm type and user and are colour coded depending on urgency.  The attendant can rapidly answer SOS calls and speak to the user in seconds. The users map location, pertinent health and carer / family contact details are immediately available to the attendant. The voice call is recorded and all actions taken saved in the database. Alarms can also sent by email and text to designated carers and family members.

Alarm Types: SOS emergency, medication reminder missed, low battery, Geo Fence exited / entered.

The software has powerful database features and real time monitoring of each user device. The attendant may, if so configured, initiate a call to the users pendant. The software allows for configuration of features such as medication reminders, Geo fencing and location tracking.

User Details & Location

The VIDAPOINT help centre software can help overcome the high costs normally associated with alarm monitoring centres. Using just a secure Internet connection and tablet or PC the software can be either incorporated into an existing call centre or distributed to individual attendants quickly and cost effectively.



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