The Vidapoint Help Centre Implementation


The strength of the VIDAPOINT Help Centre Software is its ability to be easily configured for use in a variety of situations. This flexibility allows a system to be up and running quickly and inexpensively. The software’s distributed architecture provides for a range of help centre configurations to suit the application.


  • It is easily integrated into an existing call centre requiring only an Internet connection and computer screen to have available the full suite of VIDAPOINT features to the attendant. Every person logged into the system can see the call, and depending on the clearance level, he or she can answer the call.
  • It can be used in a ‘matrix’ situation where attendants are not located together at a single physical location. This allows the flexibility to operate across different geographical positions and ‘on duty’ hours. The benefits allow a reduced cost of operation and overheard whilst still providing full VIDAPOINT features and coverage.
  • Used within a wide area ‘service domain’ VIDAPOINT can support a ‘multiple region’ geographical area, employing the software’s capability across a large geographical area.

Alarm call routing from devices is managed by VIDAPOINT. Answering is determined by the attendant procedure and response protocol (locally defined) in each service domain. Alarms can be configured to arrive on the VIDAPOINT attendant screens in a specified single group of attendants, co-located or distributed, or alternatively as multiple groups (serving different geographic areas or regions).

User alarms are routed to whichever groups that are specified by the service provider as “operational” at the time of the call. VIDAPOINT, therefore, will route calls based on organizational needs, which may vary by time and at the locations they operate.

No other personal emergency call system is as comprehensive and cost effective to establish either within an existing call centre or to set up a new ‘virtual’ distributed call centre as VIDAPOINT.


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