Vidapoint Multiflex™ for innovative and cost effective call operation

Vidapoint accommodates a range of call center configurations. Its “distributed attendant” architecture provides for flexible configuration to enable simple integration with existing “call centers” (locations of personnel trained to receive and respond to Vidapoint Lifesafety device calls). Or, it can provide for a ‘matrix’ of individual attendants, varying in number, locations (that are decentralized geographically) and with varying “on duty” hours. This powerful capability provides for low initial implementation and operating cost as compared to a significantly higher cost of a traditional central station and associated overhead. Specific configuration is defined through the Vidapoint software and accessible by Vidapoint service providers.

Within “service domain” (a Vidapoint defined custom sub-solution for each local service provider-i.e. customer) incoming calls from related devices (activated by and individually controlled by the provider) are presented to all active (logged in to Vidapoint) attendants) and appear as alarms on their screens. Each single or multiple attendant location simply requires a direct internet connection or via a local network) and a suitable PC or laptop to be capable of receiving voice and data from and responding to the device.

Vidapoint assures the most timely and available emergency call answering. All available attendants are presented with incoming calls (alarms) through simple easy-to-see, read and understand color-coded screen and audible (emergency call tone) events. When an alarm occurs the attendant is required to click the answer button on the screen and that call is assigned to them by Vidapoint. The attendant then becomes connected to the caller and is in two way contact the device (two-way voice, location and information about the user).

Device call routing from devices is managed by Vidapoint and answering is determined by the attendant procedure and response protocol (locally defined) in each service domain. Calls from each device will appear on the Vidapoint Attendant screens in a specified “single group” of attendants, collocated or distributed, and also for “multiple” groups (serving different geographic areas or regions). If desired. Single “groups” in the service domain, which can only operate during specified hours and/or days, will have calls from Vidapoint devices routed to other groups that are specified by the service provider as “operational” at the time of the call. Vidapoint therefore routes call based on the organizational needs which may vary during the times and at the locations they operate.

No other personal emergency call system is as comprehensive and cost effective to establish in current and new “virtual” call centers as Vidapoint with Multiflex™.