Our Team

The Global Wireless Health team is led by Managing Director Steven Beeferman and Technical Director John Queripel.

Steve Beeferman

Steve is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in monetizing wireless communication technology through product design, solution integration and the application of wireless technologies to business communications solutions. His corporate background includes management positions at ADT, Harris Corporation and Dataradio (now California Amplifier) as well as key member of several specialty health related companies including Wearable Health Solution (formerly Medical Alarm Concepts) which pioneered 2 way voice-through-the-pendant mPERS mobile services.

John Queripel

John is a businessman, lecturer in English Law and highly experienced in data transmission technology, market development and relationships with government and large corporate entities as well as corporate organization management and administrative leadership. He was responsible at Dynatech Data for complex data products used in banking across Europe and the Far East. He founded a technology company specializing in a unique control communication system (Z-LYNK) used by the utility industry which was acquired by a subsidiary of Gazprom, a world leading energy production and distribution company.

KM Wang

KM is a Singapore-based business development specialist with many years experience in the Asian and China marketplace. He brings to GWH his extensive regional and cultural knowledge to assist potential service providers in VIDAPOINT opportunities in the Asia Pacific region (APAC).

Marcelo Ferraz

Marcelo is a Sao Paulo based and has specialized in the information technology market and complex solution sales. He has been a business partner with IBM and BMC and an enthusiast of innovation in the elderly market. He joined the GWH team to provide VIDAPOINT solution guidance to organizations in South America looking to becoming service providers.

Gilson Esteves

Gilson Esteves is the founder and CEO of Tecnosenior a Brazilian company founded in 2001 with the mission to develop and deploy new technologies for seniors and families. He is an electrical engineer and entrepreur and has vast experience in the creation and development of new technology companies. Esteves has gained knowledge of the needs of seniors as an independent facility owner for over 20 years.

Carine Proto

Carine Proto supervises all aspects of the VIDAPOINT platform procedures and plans. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in marketing and assists in market strategies to promote VIDAPOINT solutions. Helping people to stay home safely is what moves her work.

Matheus C.

Matheus C. is the lead software developer responsible for creating and expanding the Vidapoint Global Cloud solution. He is highly knowledgeable in VoIP communications, Python programming language, and IoT technology. He wrote a university paper on Senior Monitoring Systems, and, since then, his drive to help people through technology has only increased.

Pedro Correa

A savvy IT industry leader with SMET background and international experience building businesses in the Americas. Successfully led regional sales and service delivery operations while working as CTO (EDS), Regional LATAM Sales & Marketing, Distributor Director (Texas Instruments).

Our Global Wireless Health colleagues are highly experienced in wireless and internet technology and focused on delivering a complete self-standing personal emergency service solution based on over 30 years of experience in both software and network innovation with Android, Cloud and IP/Internet technology, as well as working directly with providers and end users of personal emergency services.
Our global team is located in the US, Europe and South America.


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Global Wireless Health can help you implement a personal emergency service wherever it is you are located.