The Future of Health care

Today there are nearly 1 billion people aged 60.
Globally this group is increasing at 3% per year, faster than all younger ages!
Most people in this age group are still active and wish to remain independent as long as possible. Vidapoint plays a significant part in supporting this independence, providing emergency assistance and monitoring, giving peace of mind that help is at hand should it be needed in a serious situation. With people able to stay independent and feel secure the burden on family members, businesses and health care resources is reduced.
Estimated costs in the US alone are in the billions of Dollars of lost worker time due to caregiver responsibilities.

The Vidapoint solution

The Vidapoint solution can be provided by a small, ‘take anywhere’ wireless user pendant and a voice based ‘Alexa’ service in the home connected to the Vidapoint communications Network and Vidapoint call centre / Monitoring software providing all the tools needed to quickly implement an economical personal emergency service anywhere in the world!

Become a Vidapoint™ Solution Service Provider

Global Wireless Health offers the Vidapoint solution for all types of organisations wanting to offer a personal emergency response and monitoring service to consumers in their area. Whether you are a government agency, health service provider (hospital or home care), eldercare service center or community service we offer a complete end-to-end solution. Vidapoint is the only solution that fits both small and large budgets and can be expanded to meet local and regional needs.

Global Wireless Health can provide turnkey projects from basic infrastructure to consumer marketing and service development support. Vidapoint combines smart IoT devices, worldwide cellular and Wi-Fi networks and unique call centre software in an easy to implement pay-as-you-use service. Vidapoint can deliver an affordable and proven personal service to the rapidly growing elder population who live alone.

Only from GWH Vidapoint -The Complete Solution – Exclusive Feature List

Vidapoint Network

  • Cloud Based Emergency Monitoring Technology – Global Implementation – Digital Voice Communications – Continuous ‘network health monitoring’ and location service.

Vidapoint Wearable Device

  • Rugged, waterproof, lightweight, two way loud & clear voice call, using cellular networks and WiFi connections.
  • ‘Voice prompts’ in user’s language for battery status, medication reminders and status messages. Fall detection with cancel option.
  • GPS based location technology and configurable ‘Geofencing’ options.

Vidapoint ‘Alexa’ service

Using the widely available ‘Alexa’ service, a voice command to your Alexa device in the home will connect you to the Vidapoint call centre. This feature of the Vidapoint solution offers users additional protection indoors by using voice commands to access help where Alexa is installed.

Vidapoint Monitoring/Attendant Software

  • Uses Standard PC or Tablet. Only requiring Internet and simple attendant training. Color-coded (multiple) visual and audible call alarms and notifications.
  • Positive call answering – any attendant available. Caller’s vital details information and location status map displayed on the attendant’s screen, customizable to any language.

Vidapoint Call Center Support

  • Easily included into an existing call center or create a new one, with significantly less investment.
  • Single location or distributed attendants / multiple attendant locations. Text messaging & email to family and caregivers. All calls recorded and available for replay. Call Performance Reports and statistics available.